December 15, 2012

Saturday 12-15-12 Quick posts

Hollywood Turf Cup (3 yo and upwards) Grade II

My pick is Grandeur - odds are going to be low, but this horse is real good and Gomez is doing quite good on him. Barring a bad trip, this one will be somewhere in the mix and then snaply rally up.

The other contenders are going to be:

3 Slim Shadey and 7: Bourbon Bay.

The only one worth playing based on current odds (at 3:33pm PST) is bourbon bay  @ 12-1

the other one which i might play to show (considering the odds are) 10 Kindergarten Kid.


Grandeur won comfortably and nicely.
 of course Bourbon Bay never got in the mix.. :(

Slim Shadey came 4th. the biggest surprise was #1 Interaction smartly rallying up the rail and snatching second at huge odds! Did not see that one at all!

December 13, 2012

Animal Kingdom (KY Derby 2011 winner) to stand in Australia

Animal Kingdom (the winner of the 2011 edition of the Kentucky Derby by Yum! Brands) will stand in stud in Australia later in 2013, following the acquisition of majority interest in breeding rights by Australia based Arrowfield Stud.

More details on this are available from

We are really happy to see Animal Kingdom being raced further into his 5th year, rather than being retired fast in the Derby winning year itself, like many other horses in the game. His closing kick is something really fun to look forward to. In the Breeder's cup AK did very well to come 2nd in spite of traffic etc. Of course, he was up against Wise Dan - one of the top horses this year! Check out the video below:

December 11, 2012

Thanksgiving was Last month.. but

I felt I should really give a shout out here for the folks at Idabet.
Disclaimer: This post is a fairly direct promotion, but a very deserved one for Idabet as I have had a really good customer experience with them. 

Contrast this with my Xpressbet (avg-good), Betptc (good) and Twinspires (worst ever) experiences.

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December 10, 2012

ISIS: Keep an Eye

ISIS Pharmaceuticals, a drug company that is working on Antinsense technology (a new platform of treatment) is picking up some new momentum. (Y! Finance Ticker)

The company has had some interesting spin offs (Ibis - bought by Abbott) . So, it is worth keeping an eye incase Biogen or another large cap biopharma decides to gobble up ISIS.

This is not a recommendation, but just an intelligent guess.

Good luck.

past posts on ISIS are here.

December 7, 2012

Los Al 12-7-12 Live picks

I will be adding more on twitter too @spicetruck.

Los Al R1: 4 1/2 F

#9 Wild Hickory. While that vanning off last time sounds serious, at 5-1 post time odds she looks good with consistent numbers and free rein to run from outside post. Gets it done!

Post race--> Update: Wild Hickory got it done at 4-1 (okay odds) and Win pays $ 5.10 (for $1) and PL pays $ 2.10 (for a $1).

Race 2: Will post few mins before race if my pick is at good odds.
Posting at 1020pm
5 -3 -4 -1 or 5 -3 1 -4 are the numbers that have a good shot here in the 300 yd maiden.

Post race--> Update: If you played the super it did not go well. But if you played WP or Tri's it was good, as #5 did come first in convincing fashion. I played PS on 4 and that did not go well. lol

Race 3: I will post soon. sorry didn't post but my picks didnt come better than 3rd.

earlier times were est.

Race 4: at PST 8: 13 pm posting

December 5, 2012

Aqueduct Dec 5, 2012

A quick spot play that was posted a few minutes before Race 8 on Dec 5, 2012 came out good.

The play was posted here:

(under user name iceknight ).

The horse Villanesca paid $ 12 on a $2 bet.

November 16, 2012

Playing Again - Los Alamitos

After a long break, I am back into playing horses again. This time I am going to start with QH racing at Los Alamitos.

Friday Nov 16, R1: #7 Offlee Cute, ridden by Cheryl Charlton. I am basing this one to win based on jockey factor and also on the dam's starts in her early days. Who knows!

#8 Playin the odds and #5 are also other strong possibilities.

This race did not go well. Offlee Wild had problems in the gate and never got into the race once it started. Finished last but one. #8 finished way back too. #5 came 2nd but at low odds.

October 16, 2012

Facebook Leaning Right? or Not?: You Decide

Interesting story - this! (excerpt from
For the first time since 2006, the technology industry's corporate giving has doled out more to GOP candidates, $2.78 million, compared with $2.45 million to Democrats, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics.
Microsoft (MSFTFortune 500)Cisco (CSCOFortune 500) andeBay (EBAYFortune 500) have all given more to Republicans, according to monthly filings through the end of August.
Google has given out a total of $652,000 almost equally to both parties, with Republicans edging out Democrats by $500.
Facebook's corporate PAC gave entirely to congressional candidates and did not weigh in on the presidential race. One reason for heavier Republican giving could be that GOP House members outnumber Democrats.
(bold emphasis is are mine).

While there is a slight difference, we still see that the industry is more or less hedged, with only a 12-12% disparity (depending on which of 2.45 or 2.78 you use as the reference) in the political donations. Of course, money given to lobbying firms for individual legislation probably counts more but those numbers would have to be discussed another time and probably in more detail.

September 28, 2012

ASUS etbooks suck

Ok, so why am I callig these etbooks.. Because, my ..letter after M does OT work ...

This is a mildly used computer & it just fails like these.

What misery. Save your $$ buy ACER or DELL or IBM

See this for more about this issue.

September 20, 2012

Apple Goes Bananas

What Apple is saying to its users with home grown maps ( = You HAVE to use Internet explorer if you have Windows as your OS. Hahaha, Enjoy your iPhoneV.

Google meanwhile comes out with updates to Android and its map system.

Apple also has difficulty showing depictions of planet earth (close in shape to an Orange) as that shape has already been patented by Orange Telecom

Disclosure: Information above is presented satirically and is not to be construed as the full truth.

July 3, 2012

ING Special Promotion and Bonus

To the first two people who sign up before midnight today, I will throw in an extra bonus of $20 on top ING Direct's normal bonus of $ 25. So you will get $ 45 in the process!

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July 1, 2012

Los AL Sun Jul 1, 2012

Los Al Quarter Horse Race 1  Claiming race 300 yds, 2.5K

3: CC Senor Frog. Has good speed competed at higher claim levels.
5: Frankly too - has smart rider aboard C Mendez, decent speed
6: Kish Kish , has posted good workout at 12.70 recently and has a shot at placings

Freaking chalk city.. Ok, I might even pass this race.. lol

Will add more as the evening progresses. Hit refresh.

Did not pass the race, Played  lousy super with 3 on top.. obviously got nada back

On to Race 2: Maidens going 300 yds

My selections seem to mirror those of one of the track announcer/hcapper.. not good for the odds lol


June 27, 2012

Free, Fun Open House - Saratoga July 15th

I am tempted to go check this out...although I live far away in Pennsylvania..


The familiar gates of Saratoga Race Course will open five days early as The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) prepares to host its annual pre-season preview party, the 32nd annual Open House. A Saratoga tradition held prior to the start of racing season at North America’s most historic thoroughbred racetrack, Open House returns to kick off a full day of fun and attractions on Sunday, July 15, to benefit dozens of local non-profit organizations.

Saratoga's Open House offers a free sneak-peek into the popular summer meeting with a full day of games, activities, live music, food, pony rides, behind-the-scenes tours, mascot races, handicapping seminars, and non-wagering horse racing. The 32nd annual Open House will be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission and parking are free. ...more at this link

I think this is a FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY for racing fans and more importantly to take people who are new to racing here. And just get them involved and interested!!

June 24, 2012

Queen's Plate Canada 2012

One of the biggest racing days in Canada. The 1 1/4 Canadian Queen's Plate.

DRF Free Past Performance

1,4,6 7, 12, 14 are my narrowed down selections. But really BET WORTHY are:


1: River Rush - has carried 126lb around on 2 turn 1 1/8 mi and won by 5 lengths. So he could stretch out for more well I think. But the price on him might be low.

2.Has some experience carrying 126 lb but failed to impress in any way in the PlateTrial. Also he was stuck at the 5/6th position the whole time. no pace improvement. Has closed better at 7f, but maybe we are asking for much.

3. Baker trainee (same as :1: River Rush) and was supplemented at 25k, so that might mean something as to what the trainer thinks of his chances!! Has worked out good lately. He is a gelding, so he might rate better and do the distance well. Tri/supers

4. Strait of Dover The ML favorite with convincing victory at 8.5F and has been in winning form. However, he has nt raced for a while..why?


Some Advanced Deposit Wagering Sites that I use myself

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I recommend AGAINST Their system is very cumbersome to use, they have no reward system and the video quality is also unreliable. Your blood pressure would increase, that is all.

6. Wilcox Workouts of up to 7F recently. hmm! Lightly raced horse, could be wild card if the price goes even better! Could make money even on PL/SH with this one. Son of Giant's Causeway, distance should be ok I think.

7. Golden Ridge Contreras L on board, Casse trainer. Good workout, Distorted Humor sire. Horse is improving 3-2-1 at the 8.5 distance, now stretching to 10f. If odds better than 6-1 at post, worth betting wps.

8. Has the name ULTIMATE in his name and I am sucker for that. ok jokes apart, I feel that this is a slow horse so he can be tossed out of major bets.

9-13. i am ignoring these even if they have chances, because I just spotted
ok coming back:

12; Big Creek  has Dominguez on him and he could get a better ride. The only issue is what I see is that Indian charlie babies dont seem to stretch out too well.

14. Irish Mission. THis horse tracked a slower pace than the race where River Rush won last (same day) and won her last race well driving in the stretch. She has a 5lb advantage and has shown that she can win 9f in 1:48.72 (vs River Rush 1:48.97). She just needs a faster pace to track. I just hope Alex Solis handles her well! But she is worth some bets (even for win) simply because of her latest workout, Giant's Causeway connection and Wo familiarity now.

June 19, 2012

Secretariat Preakness Record Time Approved!!

After almost 40 years of waiting, the record time that "Big Red" - Secretariat, achieved while winning the Preakness Stakes of 1973 has been officially credited to him as 1:53 flat by the Maryland Racing Commission in a unanimous vote. Now, it can be said that Secretariat officially holds the fastest time recorded for all three of the Triple Crown Races - Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes.

I do have to add here that modern technology or not, they are fudging at some level when they give a "flat time" rather than agreeing to honor the DRF clock which measured 1:53 2/5 (see wikipedia). I am happy for Secretariat to be officially recognized as the fastest runner in the Preakness, but I am not happy that the final time is now being fudged.

For more about the Triple Crown click here.

This news was received on twitter and verified via Brisnet editorial

The official minutes of the meeting can be found here within a few business days from June 19, 2012.

Featured below is a photo of the Memorial of Secretariat erected in Kentucky.

one of the titles: Greatest horse ever titled or at least greatest American horse ever lived

This photo is used under Creative Commons License Attribution Some rights reserved by Just chaos

June 15, 2012

Stephen Foster H. and Many Other Stakes

I will update this post later today or early tomorrow morning to fill in details on a very exciting Stephen Foster handicap to be played out under the lights in Kentucky this Saturday..

Also,, Fleur de Lis handicap will feature 2011 BC Classic winner Royal Delta.

Selections for the Hill Prince Stakes at Belmont - Race 8



ISIS Pharmaceuticals (long for a while) recently hit a new 52 wk high and is sitting close to 11. The company has several drugs under development and has partnerships with Genzyme etc. Worth a deeper look again.

REXX a natural gas and wet gas exploration company based in Pennsylvania (working on Marcellus and Utica shale) is also showing confidence around the 10-11 range. This is a long term play and is a volatile stock. But this is worth reading more into.

Will add more on these over the weekend.

June 14, 2012

Kentucky Derby Changes Selection Method

One of the oldest sports in running (138 years and going strong), the Kentucky Derby (ahem.. presented by Yum Brands as it is usually touted nowadays) is changing its method of selection. It used to winnings from graded stakes of the top 20 horses from over 185 races, but now that system is being changed to a points system from about 36 races.

USA today is covering it in full.

The main goal is also to get 20 horses that are in the best form to qualify for the Derby and reduce chances of one hit wonders or horses that have won big at distances shorter than 1 mile to come into the Derby.

The campaign of races leading up to the Derby is being divided into four phases.
The first is called the Kentucky Derby Prep Season, typically spanning stakes from late September through late February. .
Then follows a "Kentucky Derby Championship Season", which typically will span the 10-week run-up to the Derby. The phase highlights mostly traditional prep races.
That's followed by the most important phase of the Kentucky Derby Championship Season. The races in this stage encompass the biggest events: the Florida Derby, Wood Memorial, Santa Anita DerbyArkansas Derby, Toyota Blue Grass and Louisiana Derby, while also including the $2 million U.A.E. Derby in Dubai. Those races will offer a 100-40-20-10 point scale.
Finally, there's a last chance "wild-card" setup which features Keeneland's Lexington Stakes, two weeks before the Derby, and Churchill Downs' opening-night Derby Trial, a week before the Kentucky Derby.
What do you think? Add your comments on whether you think this is a good thing or bad thing or "change is always good" ..

June 9, 2012

Smart Bet on Belmont Stakes

Sadly, the Triple Crown favorite I'll Have Another has been scratched due to a tendon injury. We wish him a good life in his retirement.

More news here on
I am feeling so upset that I may not bet on the Belmont stakes at all now. However, for those who are looking at Smart Bets, I think Paynter, Atigun and Street Life would be good prices. Union Rags and Dullahan would be overbet, so they may not be a smart bet.

BELMONT STAKES IS STILL A GREAT RACE and the card today has some AMAZING RACES on the card today. 
I suggest you look out for these horses today (not just in win position but if odds justify look at PS also):

  • Royal Currier in True North Handicap Race 7.
  • Winter Memories vs Tapitsfly in Race 8 (Grade 1).
  • Il Villano and Currency Swap in Race 9.
  • AL Khali in the Woodford Reserve Manhattan H. Race 10.
  • Paynter or Dullahan to win in Race 11 Belmont Stakes (but Union Rags may come 2nd!)

UPDATE: Hopefully people reading this blog were smart enough to box the exacta in Race 8 as well as in Race 11.... I did not bet Race 8 and I did not box Race 11. My 'arrogance' got me zip.. haha and saved me $2 in betting on Race 11. 

June 8, 2012

Live Webcast of belmont press conference

There are multiple live streams of Belmont Press Conference with Trainer Doug ONeill (I'll Have Another s trainer) and Owner Paul Reddam at the NYRA/Belmont Stakes area.

PLEASE BE PATIENT AS DUE TO UNPLANNED HEAVY WEB TRAFFIC, all streams may not be working best.



Bay area users Check

Related story: I'll Have Another did gallop out this morning (link) but afterward a swollen tendon and then the tendon injury was discovered, forcing the connections to scratch IHA from the historic attempt at the Triple Crown.

June 6, 2012

Belmont Stakes Post Positions and Free Past Performances

Free Past Performances (without odds - the best kind) are available from the Pdf download from Belmont Stakes Page. You can review morning line and real odds from contenders page.

It is a long long 1.5 mile race so post positions may not matter too much, yet the post positions are drawn and the battle lines are clear.
Used under a Creative Commons License
{Some rights reserved by IAN RANSLEY DESIGN + ILLUSTRATION}

For a full news release including details of recent contender bids in the past 34 years read the story.

I'll Have Another, the triple crown contender this year, has drawn post position 11 out of a field of 12 horses. The main contender Dullahan has drawn post 5.

If you are planning on wagering in the Belmont stakes, consider, a great advanced deposit wagering site (ADW) which lets you wager via internet or phone and earn cash rebates on your wagers. If you sign up using the promo code BBF284238 then you will get an additional $50 wagering bonus (after meeting certain qualifying wagers).

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Good luck and have a great Belmont Stakes and Triple Crown!

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June 5, 2012

Belmont Stakes this Saturday - June 9th

The Stakes
The one and half mile long, "test of the champions", the Belmont Stakes is going to be held this Saturday. This year, it is very special because of the possibility of Triple Crown happening as I'll Have Another has a shot at winning the crown, ending a drought of 34 years.

In honor of that occasion, on Thursday June 7th, the Empire State Building is going to be decked out in the colors of "Belmont Green" White and Purple (the color of the silks on I'll Have Another. (source: nyra).

This is a great way to get the city and its visitors involved in the great party that is horse racing!

I'll Have Another is going in as a strong favorite, but he has fend of some serious challengers in Dullahan, Union Rags, Paynter, Street Life among others. Also contending for the stakes are Optimizer, Unstoppable U, Guyana Star Dweej and others.

The coverage of Live draw will be available on the stakes page on Wed 11-1130am. Coverage on the Belmont Stakes will be provided by NBC.

Wagering via Internet
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I use Idabet regularly along with Xpressbet and while they are both great, i get cash rebates back in idabet after every day of wagering.

May 31, 2012

Month End Closing takes some Biotech stocks Lower

I have been watching certain Biotech stocks [ISIS (long), INCY (none)] over the past several weeks. Both have had fairly good gains, but today, as the market is down ~0.5%, we see that both of the stocks mentioned above are down 3% or so. While fundamentally no news has come out to bring them down more than the general market sentiment, it leads me to surmise that this might be due to month end closing of books and rebalancing of portfolios at some institutions.
That could be one cause of higher selling volume and consequent price drop. However, from technical standpoint, INCY is shying close to the 50 dma so it cuts through and goes below (21.4) the risk of it falling further is enhanced, barring any other major news.
No specific direction offered on either stocks for now. "Hold" is the word.

May 27, 2012

Japan Racing G1 Japanese Derby 2012

The 1 1/2 mile long Japanese Derby was held on Sunday Mar 27th in Tokyo. It is a race held on turf and 3 yo horses (no geldings) race to capture this prestigious trophy and lot of money!
Total prize money: ¥ 313,000,000 (about US$ 3,912,000 <US$1 = ¥80>

Deep Brilliante, the Deep Impact (sire) colt by Love and Bubbles (mare) won the derby by a nose, just holding off a fast closing Fenomeno.
Full Result Chart:

Video (youtube)

May 25, 2012

Belmont Stakes Update - I'll Have Another Equipment Change

I'll Have Another, the horse that is getting ready to compete in the Belmont Stakes 2012 in a bid to capture the elusive Triple Crown, will have to do that without his normal equipment of "nasal strips" during the stakes. This is because NYRA rules do not permit nasal strips, the only track authority in the country to do so.

The horse's trainer claims that this would have no effect on the horse, however, this might have some effect, especially considering the horse has to train for and compete in a longer race. I still hope that this horse overcomes this somewhat minor adversity and comes out on top.

More information and nasal strips etc at:

An excerpt (fair use) from Blood horse is given here for a quick glance:

Nasal strips, produced by Flair LLC, are self-adhesive strips about three inches wide that provide "spring-like force" to the soft tissue overlaying a horse’s nasal passages. According to the company, eight peer-reviewed studies have shown the nasal strips reduce exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhaging, more commonly known as bleeding, by reducing the collapse of the soft nasal tissue during exercise.
Doug O’Neill, trainer of I’ll Have Another, said he uses the strips regularly on all his horses.
"I think it has some therapeutic value," O’Neill said. "I’m not a part of some study but it does seem to lessen the chance of bleeding."


May 23, 2012

Belmont Stakes Update: Johnny V Picks up Mount for Union Rags

Kentucky Derby* (2011) and Eclipse award winning jockey John Velazquez has been selected as the jockey for Union Rags (Dixie Union colt, a winner of Gr 2 Fountain of Youth Stakes) in the Belmont stakes 2012.

Union Rags was ridden by Julien Leparoux in the last two outings and due to various reasons has not had great success. The colt was bottled up and could only muster a 3rd place in the Gr 1 Florida Derby. In the Kentucky Derby* the horse suffered a bad start, got squeezed bag and still closed fast to make it to 7th. But that was a big disappointment as Union Rags was one of the favorites to win the race (see earlier post).

With his big closing kick, Union Rags is still considered to be one of the contenders at the Belmont stakes, that could pose a serious challenge to Triple Crown hopeful I'll Have Another (Flower Alley colt) who has won the Kentucky Derby* and Preakness and firmly established himself as a superb horse and a solid triple crown contender after many years.

Blood horse has additional coverage on this topic and notes from trainer Michael Matz here.

May 21, 2012

Preakness 2012 Replay (Overhead) and how USA, Canada, Mexico connect to IHA

The Preakness 2012 is over and now all sights are firmly set at the Belmont Stakes in the horseracing world (in Northern America at least!), with high hopes on I'll Have Another to pull off a memorable Triple Crown -after over 34 years since Affirmed won in 1978 And what a beautiful way the three countries of the continent connect behind this horse! Congratulations to Mario Guttierez, trainer Doug O'Neill and his team, and to the owner and rest of the connections!

                      Canada - as the owner of the horse is Canadian businessman J. Paul Reddam,  
                      Mexico - as the country of origin for "Marvelous" Mario, the pilot of this superb horse and the original buyer/ Mr. Davila (a neat story about him here) and
                      USA - that's where the Triple Crown happens!

So there is lot of goodwill going and cheering going on from all three places. Below you will find a reply of the Preakness 2012, as an overhead video (courtesy NBC) with analysis from their commentators. I am not allowed to embed it, so I am just pointing you to the link

(it has a 30 sec commercial in the beginning)

Check out this great MSN video: Overhead replay of the Preakness

May 20, 2012

A legitimate Triple Crown Contender is there now

Preakness 2012 was won by a gritty I'll Have Another (colt, by Flower Alley) and in doing so the horse and the jockey Mario Gutierrez have firmly laid their path to the Triple Crown in US horseracing.

I had posted my selections here and I am not eating humble pie, as my "wishful thinking" choice Went the Day Well simply faltered and finished close to the back of the pack. Optimizer barely did well either. What is worse, my toss outs Creative Cause (for win) and Zetterholm, did surprisingly well to finish 3-4.

Yet, I somehow came out with a small exacta so my account did not go to zero.. and tomorrow, I'll have another shot at placing some small bets, haha.

Well, now this horse IHA has firmly stamped himself as truly classy horse and Belmont Stakes awaits!

Race will be held on Sat June 9, 2012.

May 19, 2012

Preakness 2012 Selections

The Selections are:
5: Went the Day Well =  9: I'll Have Another.
7: Bodemeister
10 Optimizer - the wild card longshot who actually runs on his own, sometimes haha!

May 17, 2012

Preakness Day May 19th - May 18th Pimlico Special PP

I will be posting here some other selections from different tracks because I have decided to play value horses at different tracks on that day.

For Black Eyed Susan Stakes PPs on FRI May 18, 2012
Scroll down to Todd Pletcher and click that link
In the new page that opens, scroll down to: Friday May 18, 2012   TODAY
                                       and select Ultimate PPs next to Pimlico Race 10


For FREE PIMLICO SPECIAL PP (PPs) 2012 go to now through before 5 pm FRI May 18. It is Pimlico Race 12

May 16, 2012

INCY - Exited Position

Based on insider sales transactions in mid- May (link-Y! Finance) where an "officer" sold $5 million worth of INCY shares, we feel that it is better to reduce risk exposure in INCY.

Additionally, there has been reports of GS upgrading INCY and labeling them as a potential takeover targets. End of the day it is still a few people's opinion, whether they work at GS or other equity research firms. That essentially boils down to "speculation" and usually it is sell side analysts that make public announcements like this.

Consequently, while we also feel that the odds are good that INCY might be taken over sometime over next year, we feel that it might be better to reduce capital outlay. Hence, we have sold out our INCY position yesterday (at 23.33). we might reenter shortly via long call options (strike undecided).

Preakness 2012 PPs Free

The Preakness (Grade I) stakes, the second leg of the Triple Crown Series will be held on Saturday, May 19 this year at the Pimlico racetrack in Maryland. The contenders have been announced, the post positions are drawn and the morning line odds have been assigned. To make your own informed decisions on which horse to pick you can see the past performances (PPs) of the contenders at: PP PP's PPs

EQUIBASE FREE PP click -> (pdf download) or visit and you will see Free PP in the main feature box.
Official Equibase Program with PP in pretty colors --> on Preakness Site

FREE BRISNET PP (Download from) pdf 

  1. Brisnet charts:  Go to's  link to free pps from trainers
  2. Click on Dale Romans or Doug ONeill or Graham Motion etc. 
  3. You will list of their races on Saturday and PPs - Click Ultimate PPs for Pimlico Race 12
  4. PDF will open up (or you can right click Ultimate PPs and save it to your computer.
This method works to get free past performance charts of various stables and trainers. It is not organized by track or day on the website so you have to do some legwork.

DRF (Daily Racing Form PP) - Visit on Friday after noon for better luck. or search forums!

DRF PPs of Pimlico special (Race 12 on Friday May 18) is available free now (or visit and click the Free PP link before noon on friday!)

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(See terrms below ***)

  • Alternately, if you sign up for accounts with Twinspires (link on right side) you can obtain free PPs for each race as long as you make some minimum $2 wagers on those races.
  • With Xpressbet you get credit for the Equibase PP for the whole race card if you make at least one $2 wager at that track.
I will post my picks on Thursday or Friday night.

*** (For Bonus Wagering $$ Terms and conditions per each ADW apply, typically bonuses would be transferred via Amazon Payments; Offer can be withdrawn at anytime and is not endorsed by any of the ADWs mentioned here. All trademarks are owned by respective companies. Sharing of bonus referral $ will occur after you have met all terms and the $ has been deposited into our account by the ADW. This depends on many factors such as your wagering handle, time limitations set for referral bonus. You have to contact us by email before you sign up for proper procedure)

May 5, 2012

Kentucky Derby 2012: Selections and Money Making Ideas

It is Derby day 2012 and the track at Churchill Downs, Louisville KY is ready for the action. While the track was listed muddy starting the day, after Race 2, track condition has been upgraded to "Fast".

Now, to the list of contenders! The full list of 20 starting horses along with jockey and trainer names can be viewed on (new window). The race is Race 11 on the card today.

On fast main track conditions these are the contenders based on speed, stamina, post position and closing kick analysis:

Win Contenders at longer odds (double check the horse numbers against names before betting etc. The names are the most accurate thoughts here)
(for live odds see:


At short odds (below 7-1) and v good contenders:

PL or SH bets choices (not all, pick what you like)



I would have liked to bet the 1 horse Daddy Long Legs, but the post position made me decide against.
A random theory for placing bets: Bet on any horse whose name contains the word GRIN. Try it!

Please Wager responsibly and if you want to sign up for an online wagering set up and need a referral to Xpressbet or please email me at psusaver at and you can get an additional bonus.

May 3, 2012

Past Performance Charts

If you go to then click FREE Past Performance on top left, then you go to a page with names of trainers and stables. Pick and choose the trainer names and you will see PPs for 2-3 days in advance. For California tracks, usually a Baffert PP would get you several races in the main CA circuits. Be sure to work with Horse names and cross check with the number in the program in your ADW before placing your bets.

A lot of horse players use past data of horses's performances to predict the outcome of the race the horse is running today. You can find that data for the Kentucky Derby Contenders here. If you want to wager, use one of the links to the right to Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW's) or write to us at psusaver at to get a referral link that will give you bonuses!!

Without much ado, I will point you to the Kentucky Derby PPs from three different equine data companies:

Free Kentucky Derby PPs from Daily Racing Form (DRF)

Free PDF file from Equibase:

BRISNET pps can be found at:  (you will have to click on Ultimate PPs under Churcill Downs Race 11 (that is the Derby race on May 5, 2012).

Actually that is one of the many ways of reaching Brisnet free PPs for many races and future races. If you go to then click FREE Past Performance on top left, then you go to a page with names of trainers and stables. Pick and choose the trainer names and you will see PPs for 2-3 days in advance. For California tracks, usually a Baffert PP would get you several races in the main CA circuits. Be sure to work with Horse names and cross check with the number in the program in your ADW before placing your bets.

Each of these have their own positives and negatives, and different players use just one or two of the three. Others develop more methods based on data from these. I personally tend to use BRISNET/EQUIBASE and my own Excel calculations/paper pencil calculations on many occasions. I do use DRF occasionally, but it is the more pricier one so I use that only on occasion, when I find it free.

Background: If you are getting into horse racing, one thing many avid bettors or players do is use the past performance of a horse to gage his/her chances at today's race. A lot of the data needs to be purchased (for small fees) but there are also lot of PP files (pdfs) that can be downloaded for no cost (yes free), if you know where to look.

Several major trainers and owners (farms/stables) partner with Brisnet to provide past performance data for races coming up in the next few days as well as those on the same day.

Good luck and Happy Wagering!!

May 2, 2012

Kentucky Derby 138 - this Saturday!

The post positions are drawn!

Most of the horse are shipped in and turning in their workouts!

The Excitement is in the air!!

This Saturday, it will be the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby, an awesome spectacle of pageantry, fun and raw power of intelligent animals!


And with that comes a great chance to make some cool cash while getting entertained.. and playing your skill and luck.

(Or, you could also lose some cash, but you will still get entertained, guaranteed!)

If you want to play the horses on Derby day, you can do so online!

Sign up for online wagering at
Reviews of these advanced deposit wagering sites (ADWs) will be added shortly. We plan to review Xpressbet, Twinspires, Idabet and BetAmerica for now.

Disclaimer: Think before you wager.

We encourage responsibility in wagering behavior. It is essential for the recreational enjoyment of the products we link to. Therefore, we have provided a list of organizations for individuals to seek assistance if needed:

May 1, 2012


Just a small note on some shares. Shares of REX Energy (REXX) have been on the rise since April 16 when the company announced news of better than expected drilling. they also mentioned new charges/fees imposed by the state of PA, REXX will record $600,000 expenses in the first quarter. Anyhow, REXX shares have climbed roughly 18% since Apr 16 (from 9.25 to 10.95 on May 1st). Consequently we feel it too risky to hold through the earnings today.
Since we are in a profitable position (entry at $9.45 in mid April), we are exiting with a small profit and watching from the sidelines. Long term call options are too expensive to buy currently too.
Update: Although we got out, REXX reported earnings 1% higher than high case guidance and is consequently trading higher at premarket (at 11.35). If natural gas price remains stable or upward, then the stock has lot of room to grow!

INCY: Although we made predictions (random ones) of stock price going to $24 by Dec, that did not happen, but recent momentum has pushed shares up quite a bit. We are however sitting long on this.

MDCO: Predictions made did not reach target in Dec, so we offloaded about half of the shares in mid Feb. However, we still have some more and it was nice to see recent gains pushing the price up to the 22's. Holding for now, as we feel it can go higher.

ISIS: this has been a long hold since Jan and we are slightly in the red. The mistake was not adding more when the price was attractive in March. However, we do not believe in adding money to illiquid stocks unless we have very certain information about growth. Hold for now.

REXX news source (for Apr 16 news)

April 2, 2012

Just for Fun

How's it going all you traders? Spring is here so let's have some fun. If you want to spend some time looking at curves and not just charts, head over to view entries in the Sexiest Vegetarian Contest and browse through till your heart's content

Toggle the Gender tab once you are on the page to view Female (or Male).
Contest screen shot

You can vote (sign up in simple - less than a minute -just a name and email address). To vote for our friend use this link.

Have fun, we will be back with more stock picks soon!
For now I am tagging these under HAIN and BNNY just for fun.

March 13, 2012

SIFY- just went long

Just went long on SIFY @ 3.70. I would keep my eye on TCL too..

But as of now I think SIFY has taken enough beating and it is a money making company, so it will go back up.

The tag for LVLT is that SIFY does business with LVLT.

February 2, 2012

MDCO increasing volume and price push

Keep MDCO on watch or try to initiate small positions as it is potentially breaking newer highs..

Volume has been well above average last two trading days (this post written on Feb 2) and price is on up swing.

Disclosure: Long

Facebook about IPO.. business comparison vs Google

Facebook filed for IPO recently and will go public in a little while.

Now to the numbers:
Facebook reports that it has about 845 million users. I would like to add a footnote to that. That should be 845 millions user accounts. I know several people who had created multiple accounts during the initial phase when fb let each email address to create an account.

Second, Facebook reports that it made $4.3 Billion. That translates to roughly $ 5.2 per user. Google, on the other hand reports $ 30 per user. Of course, I am slightly skeptical of that number too, but for what it's worth Google has been making real money for years now.

Third, Facebook's voting shares, will be controlled to over 56% by Mark Zuckenberg, the CEO. That leaves no powers in the hands of investors who would be putting in hard earned new money in..

So, I will be staying clear of Facebook because I see it as a gamble where I don't know the odds. I might as well as play that money in Santa Anita or the Kentucky Derby.. and have fun in the process.

January 23, 2012

ACTC Advanced Cell Technology Inc Advances on positive results

ACTC.OB a penny stock featured on this blog last year made some big advances Monday Jan 23, 2012, after preliminary findings of a study using Embryonic stem cells for the treatment of macular eye degeneration showed some positive findings.

The medical article is linked here (pdf) (fair use)

The excerpts from the discussion are:
We provide clinical evidence suggesting that
hESC-derived cells might be safely transplanted into
human patients (panel). In our study, we transplanted a
low dose (5×10⁴ cells) of RPE cells generated from hESCs
into one eye of two patients with different forms of
macular degeneration.
Our study is designed to test the safety and tolerability of hESC-RPE in patients with advanced-stage Stargardt’s macular dystrophy and dry age-related macular degeneration.
So far, the cells seem to have transplanted into both patients without abnormal proliferation, teratoma formation, graft rejection, or other untoward pathological reactions or safety signals. Continued follow-up and further study is needed. The ultimate therapeutic goal will be to treat patients earlier in the disease processes, potentially increasing the likelihood of photoreceptor and central visual rescue.
and the NY times article is available here.
Both patients, who were legally blind, told researchers that they had gains in eyesight that were meaningful for them. One said she could see colors better and was able to thread a needle and sew a button for the first time in years. The other said she was able to navigate a shopping mall by herself.Still, it is hard to judge much from only two patients, especially when there was no control group given a placebo treatment.Indeed, Dr. Schwartz said that the improvement in vision of the woman who could go to the mall might have been a placebo effect, though he thought the improvement in the other patient did result from the implanted cells.Yet another reason to be cautious is that Advanced Cell Technology has had a reputation for publicizing its positive work, in part because it has often been on the brink of insolvency.
So, the key thing to keep in mind is that this is still a speculative stock, so be careful but be willing to take risks - like we did a year ago :)

January 12, 2012

Biotech: New Positions Initiated

Dynavax (DVAX) initiated at 3.32 on Friday Jan 6th, 2012 and closed at 3.62 for small profit. But might get back in using $5 Apr or July calls options.

INCY - initiated again at 16 for long term hold after some back and forth trading between 13.80 and 15. Missed the move from high 14's to the 16 due to lack of cash flow!! arggh!

Other stocks (no positions but good hopes): VRTX.

Current holds: MDCO (worth adding more in 18.50 to 19.20 range). LONG!!!

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