December 15, 2012

Saturday 12-15-12 Quick posts

Hollywood Turf Cup (3 yo and upwards) Grade II

My pick is Grandeur - odds are going to be low, but this horse is real good and Gomez is doing quite good on him. Barring a bad trip, this one will be somewhere in the mix and then snaply rally up.

The other contenders are going to be:

3 Slim Shadey and 7: Bourbon Bay.

The only one worth playing based on current odds (at 3:33pm PST) is bourbon bay  @ 12-1

the other one which i might play to show (considering the odds are) 10 Kindergarten Kid.


Grandeur won comfortably and nicely.
 of course Bourbon Bay never got in the mix.. :(

Slim Shadey came 4th. the biggest surprise was #1 Interaction smartly rallying up the rail and snatching second at huge odds! Did not see that one at all!

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