July 3, 2012

ING Special Promotion and Bonus

To the first two people who sign up before midnight today, I will throw in an extra bonus of $20 on top ING Direct's normal bonus of $ 25. So you will get $ 45 in the process!

US Residents only. T&C apply. $45 for probably half an hour of work and actually *saving* money. Use the link on the left of this page to sign up and be on your way to saving money and financial independence from this Ind Day!

July 1, 2012

Los AL Sun Jul 1, 2012

Los Al Quarter Horse Race 1  Claiming race 300 yds, 2.5K

3: CC Senor Frog. Has good speed competed at higher claim levels.
5: Frankly too - has smart rider aboard C Mendez, decent speed
6: Kish Kish , has posted good workout at 12.70 recently and has a shot at placings

Freaking chalk city.. Ok, I might even pass this race.. lol

Will add more as the evening progresses. Hit refresh.

Did not pass the race, Played  lousy super with 3 on top.. obviously got nada back

On to Race 2: Maidens going 300 yds

My selections seem to mirror those of one of the track announcer/hcapper.. not good for the odds lol


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