July 25, 2011

Common Problem in Laptops 2eyb6ard err6r as4s eee

So you have probably arrived here because of a common problem that occurs with laptop users. You type something and instead see numbers and symbols appearing. This appears more when you type on the RIGHT side of the keyboard, away from qwerty.

qwerty 456*[
asdfgh 123-'
zxcvbn 0,.+

are these some errors you notice?

RELAX.. this is no big problem, you might have just pressed NUMLK or NUM LOCK key sequence by mistake.

In ASUS EEE pc laptops and netbooks, it is the FN + NumLK  key sequence.

FN key is in the left bottom area of your keyboard. NumLK is in the top right corner.
Hold them down together to release the number lock and your typing will become fine again!!

Good luck!!

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