May 1, 2012


Just a small note on some shares. Shares of REX Energy (REXX) have been on the rise since April 16 when the company announced news of better than expected drilling. they also mentioned new charges/fees imposed by the state of PA, REXX will record $600,000 expenses in the first quarter. Anyhow, REXX shares have climbed roughly 18% since Apr 16 (from 9.25 to 10.95 on May 1st). Consequently we feel it too risky to hold through the earnings today.
Since we are in a profitable position (entry at $9.45 in mid April), we are exiting with a small profit and watching from the sidelines. Long term call options are too expensive to buy currently too.
Update: Although we got out, REXX reported earnings 1% higher than high case guidance and is consequently trading higher at premarket (at 11.35). If natural gas price remains stable or upward, then the stock has lot of room to grow!

INCY: Although we made predictions (random ones) of stock price going to $24 by Dec, that did not happen, but recent momentum has pushed shares up quite a bit. We are however sitting long on this.

MDCO: Predictions made did not reach target in Dec, so we offloaded about half of the shares in mid Feb. However, we still have some more and it was nice to see recent gains pushing the price up to the 22's. Holding for now, as we feel it can go higher.

ISIS: this has been a long hold since Jan and we are slightly in the red. The mistake was not adding more when the price was attractive in March. However, we do not believe in adding money to illiquid stocks unless we have very certain information about growth. Hold for now.

REXX news source (for Apr 16 news)

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