February 2, 2012

MDCO increasing volume and price push

Keep MDCO on watch or try to initiate small positions as it is potentially breaking through...to newer highs..

Volume has been well above average last two trading days (this post written on Feb 2) and price is on up swing.

Disclosure: Long

Facebook about IPO.. business comparison vs Google

Facebook filed for IPO recently and will go public in a little while.

Now to the numbers:
Facebook reports that it has about 845 million users. I would like to add a footnote to that. That should be 845 millions user accounts. I know several people who had created multiple accounts during the initial phase when fb let each email address to create an account.

Second, Facebook reports that it made $4.3 Billion. That translates to roughly $ 5.2 per user. Google, on the other hand reports $ 30 per user. Of course, I am slightly skeptical of that number too, but for what it's worth Google has been making real money for years now.

Third, Facebook's voting shares, will be controlled to over 56% by Mark Zuckenberg, the CEO. That leaves no powers in the hands of investors who would be putting in hard earned new money in..

So, I will be staying clear of Facebook because I see it as a gamble where I don't know the odds. I might as well as play that money in Santa Anita or the Kentucky Derby.. and have fun in the process.

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