July 1, 2012

Los AL Sun Jul 1, 2012

Los Al Quarter Horse Race 1  Claiming race 300 yds, 2.5K

3: CC Senor Frog. Has good speed competed at higher claim levels.
5: Frankly too - has smart rider aboard C Mendez, decent speed
6: Kish Kish , has posted good workout at 12.70 recently and has a shot at placings

Freaking chalk city.. Ok, I might even pass this race.. lol

Will add more as the evening progresses. Hit refresh.

Did not pass the race, Played  lousy super with 3 on top.. obviously got nada back

On to Race 2: Maidens going 300 yds

My selections seem to mirror those of one of the track announcer/hcapper.. not good for the odds lol


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