May 23, 2011

off topic: BELMONT

My EARLY PICKS for BELMONT (if these horses run) -date stamped - May 23

Mucho Macho Man lost his left front shoe in the Preakness, she said. In the Louisiana Derby, he lost his right front shoe at the start.
At the Fair Grounds, where Mucho Macho Man won the Risen Star and finished third in the Louisiana Derby, he was wearing shoes secured to the hooves in the standard way, with nails. He wore glue-on shoes in the Kentucky Derby, in which he finished third, and Preakness.
“He’s got to be doing something,’’ Ritvo said. “I haven’t had a horse pull a shoe for three or four years, and now I’ve got two in three races. I think he’s snatching himself coming out of the gate. I think he’s so excited to get out of the gate that he’s springing before his front feet are gone. He’s not a nervous horse. It’s got to be something. I’ve got to figure out what happened and when he lost it.”

  • Mucho macho man lost his right front shoe (fixed with nails) in the Derby. In Preakness he lost his left front shoe (fixed wih glue on). Either way, i think his odds may go down but if his shoe stays on, there is a large chance of him winning the Belmont - in my wild opinion.
  • The news shills are not talking much about other horses as of now. It is all about Shackleford,Animal Kingdom etc. I feel that Shackleford being an early leader, may have a disadvantage in the Belmont -as it is the longest course at 1 1/2 miles. Who knows maybe his team might not even run him!
Details on Belmont:

Belmont Facts

Main Course: 1 1/2 Miles
Last Turn to Finish on Main Track: 1,097 feet

Preakness Facts
Main Course: 1 3/16th mile.

Kentucky Derby 

Main Course: 1 1/4 mile

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