May 11, 2011

Moody's, Standard and Poor's and McGraw Hill are all OPINION BLOGGERS now

Well, i don't know if they blog or not, but the so-called ratings given by all these agencies is merely as First amendment expression. So they are about as close to poets, singers and other artists if you will. Only in this case, by hiding under the first amendment umbrella, all these rating agencies are clearly telling us that they are as responsible and credible as your regular internet blogger.

Check out the lawsuit dismissal news on Yahoo finance.

 I am not short on Moody's only because I don't have enough money to go short on this when I can short other beautiful cases like St. Joe's etc.
or flip INCY YMI etc for easy 50% gains..

As always, all opinions listed here are covered by the 1st Amendment and nothing is a recommendation to buy or sell. ;) ;) Cha ching,.

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