May 23, 2011

Why I went LONG on VRTX Pharma (Verrtex)

Got approval for Hepatitis C drug.

Good pipeline on Cystic fibrosis root cause treatment - Ataluren VX770. NDA filing probably in late 2011.
VX770 also may address other mutations etc.

VX809 in Phase II. Vertex receive a five year grant of $75 million for VX661 studies.

I have a gut feeling that there may be some surprise findings (positive) down the line which would help more. (Source - Chemical Engineering News)

Just like my gut feeling on Astrology and Shackleford paid off in a money double at the Preakness. (I also betted on Animal Kingdom). Note that I bet "show" on all 3 - a very conservative bet. Even still I made a double trying horse race wagering the first time ever. (results)
Shackleford paid $27.20, $10.20 and $6.80.
Animal Kingdom returned $4.20 and $3.60. Astrology paid $8 to show.

Disclosure - Note: I also bet on Mucho Macho Man to place, but I lost all my money on that one. In all, 3 out of 4 horses were in the money - and I feeling GOOD.

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