May 30, 2011

Racing Updates

So my weekend hobby is turning to be Horse racing and playing the odds.

This is  how it worked out this weekend.

I betted on five different races:
Came out tops in 3 of them. In one race, I lost some money and in one I just made my money back. Overall, my bankroll improved slightly, but more importantly I learned some key lessons about not playing too many exotics/not diversyfying too much and about not meddling with good analysis at the last moment. They key race was of course, the Met mile at the Belmont.

I had bet $3 dollars (PLACE) on Rodman in the Met mile classic - but scratched the bet at the last few minutes - and missed out on a good good payout. :(. Oh well.

I did bet a Place on Tizway too in the same race and that paid good! My place on exotic box using Caixa & Aikenite as well as a Win bet on Caixa did not pay :( . Aw shucks.

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