April 1, 2011

Recent picks, climbing positions and updates

Stockgage recently closed some positions and then inititated some:

New additions are: BMY, LAVA options.

Closed positions in profit: #LAVA

Closed positions at small loss: URRE, #MENT (gasp!)

Old Positions Looking up: #CLDX #SUPG

Looking at new picks: RSTI CGNX

There is some speculation on the street that MENT might make a bid for LAVA around 560 million. Seems like a lowball offer to me. But, it will be fun to see CDNS jump into the picture too then!!
If you want to read about all these MENT LAVA CDNS SNPS Apache, read Semiwiki articles <<

St JOE's Real Estate just rented out some land for up to 20 (yes TWENTY years) for a sum of $ 55 million. The big question then is --> when does the timber get harvested. When does development begin, when do the real profits from real estate show up? This $ 55 million would just add to the balance sheet to make things look nicer. I think I might short this one!
Update:  I have finally initiated Jan 2012 $17.50 put positions in JOE. Let us see how this plays out!
Old adage: buy the rumor, sell the news.

Disclaimer: None of these are recommendations to buy or sell equities/options/investment etc

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