April 13, 2011

Bristol Myers Squibb - BMY - VERY Unusual Afterhours activity

Big cap pharmaceuticals Bristol Myers (BMY) saw some very unusual activity in after hours trading today  (source Nasdaq AH quotes). (see pic below).

Some 57200 shares changed hands (or did they??) at $ 32.46 (~ 18.8 % premium to the closing price). This made my heart stop for a moment, as I had recently sold some BMY stock at a small profit but also bought (and hold) a few May $29 calls.

Anyhow the reminder of the after hours trades (over 157, 000 shares) all have traded between 27.29 to 27.43 so the trades at 32.46 definitely sound super odd.

 Most likely this seems like some trading anomaly or a fat finger trade?  (google)

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