June 17, 2013

Got an email today from Nike about custom sneakers.

You can customize colors, sole, trim colors, laces etc and also add a personal ID (upto 6 characters on each tongue - they do screen for some "offensive words" like f* words etc.--but the screening program is not very good). However if you do play around and are able to get past the screening program that does not mean the company may still manufacture it as I am sure they might have a human check prior to actual production or printing. So, your order could get cancelled (or you will be emailed) at some stage if you really want to risk using words that may violate their policy.

Anyhow, my choices would be Holy Bull or Ghost Zapper - Hope they are not "trademarked names".

and if I had $ 145 to spend on sneakers I would get either of those as a commemoration those great horses' achievements.

Here is the Nike Personal ID store link.

I am just doing this for fun as I recently watched Ghost Zapper's BC classic win and am generally pumped up by front running winner (like Fort Larned now) and hopefully Verrazano (at 1.25 mi in the future?). Below, is the video of the front running Ghost Zapper in his BC Classic record making run at Lone Star Park (record time: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghostzapper).

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