November 5, 2010


Watch out for these pharma/biotech stocks to show increasing activity in the next couple of months.

SNTS: Has fair amount of cash on hand ($100 million), low debt, great pipeline and good revenue (2009- $180 million). The company also has a low float so any positive action would trigger large increases in price due to short covering. Also the possibility of a takeover is quite high.

CLDX: Although PFE snapped ties with CLDX, there is a likelihood that some other pharma company might snap it up! They have sufficient cash on hand to go forward for now. (speculative play - depending on their trials etc)

INCY: This stock has been doing quite well on a technical basis and performing on its own right as a pharma company. Look to INCY climbing after earnings and also to around well over $25 by the end of the year.

ISIS: Receiving payments and royalties on a regular basis, ISIS has been a steady performer, with recent partnerships with  GSK and also (Regulus with Sanofi) ISIS is a strong player in the mRNA market. ISIS did two positive Phase 3 studies of mipomersen in the past year and once that drug (Sold by Genzyme) gets marketing approval, the royalty payments would increase. For technical traders, if ISIS breaks 10 and holds, then there can be significant upside.

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