December 2, 2013

Save and Make Money- Cyber Monday Only Special

I had the talk about Black Friday and no spending with my friends, well at least no crazed spending on Thursday 8pm onward.. till Friday 8pm and it worked. There was a lot of positive response, rest and family time for all who took the pledge. 

But now how about taking it a step further: Cyber Monday and saving? 
Open your own checking and savings account, park approx $500 for 120 days with Capitalone360 (formerly INGDirect) and you will get some sweet bonuses of up to $ 200 combined from those two accounts.

You do need to make five small purchases with your checking card so deposit enough in your checking account for those five packets of gum! 

Get more bonuses if you have a kid or kids, open an account for your kid - a custodial account and get a $100 bonus per kid. For Saving! ‪#‎Saving‬ not spending!

Here is the spiel from the email I got!
Today only, open a Capital One® ShareBuilder® Custodial account with promo code GIFTSTOCK13
By Dec. 31, 2013, make just one trade or automatic investment
Bingo! You've earned a $100 bonus to help get that kid off to a good start.

Click and Save:

I have benefited from opening free account with Capitalone360 during CyberMonday and made roughly $150 in bonuses for parking about $400 in two accounts. Eventually, I have removed the money and those accounts have only about $10 in them, but are still free and secure.

If you are up for it, check out this post and if you open (online today) you may have to send them a copy of your license by phone photo upload and deposit some money ($500 in savings) and probably 40-50 in checking. Then once your checking card arrives, make 5 careful small purchases and after that lock up your checking card. Then wait 4 months and your bonus will be in both accounts, probably sooner in one of the accounts. Enjoy!

Disclaimers: Trademarks belong to respective owners. We do receive small referral bonuses if you sign up and meet conditions. We are not compensated in any other way. Conditions accurate as of posting, we are not responsible for changes in terms by the issuing banks. Happy Saving!

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