July 1, 2013

Big Independence Day Bonus for Opening Free Bank Accounts

I personally own a CapitalOne 360 bank account and I think it is a good deal - only till July 3rd.

Seems like a relatively low key thing to make $76 to $176 depending on what you sign up for. The approximate annualized return is 29% on an initial investment of $ 600 - which is risk free and your principal will stay in checking and savings accounts. 

Fine print: You have to put up $ 500 in your savings account initially. 
if you get the checking account, you have to make 5 debit card purchases or 5 deposits, so if u have to keep enough money if you are making purchases (to avoid fees).


Disclosure: I get some referral bonuses, but I can share some of that to you via amazon pay so pm me after you sign up!

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