March 22, 2013

TVG to Drop Wagering Fee

In an effort to accommodate increasing requests for bettors, TVG will be dropping its 25 c wagering fee from April 1st , 2013. This is a welcome move and make TVG again a competitive choice for placing wagers when compared to many other ADW (advanced deposit wagering) services.

TVG will also be offering 10 hours of free streaming in a month. That translates to 2.5 hrs per weekend for a 4 weekend month. What is not clear however is if additional streaming would be allowed if you meet certain wagering minimums.  If anyone knows this information, please add it to the comments here or email us at psusaver@gmail dot com or Tweet to us @spicetruck

We attempted to access the same information at the TVG website, but TVG automatically keeps redirecting us to our state specific wagering portal. They still need to wise up on that part, that sometimes people might want to look at corporate and financial information. Well, that will be another topic.

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