March 24, 2011

Update on Recent Buys

This post refers to picks made during the last week/ten days and takes a look where those stocks stand. For a little bit more information on the stocks check the old post.

DUSA - Bought after earnings when stock fell a little bit due to (possible) improper trading/profit taking pattern. Called  @3.89-4.04 range. Added more  @ 4.17. Initiated on March 10th 2011
Current price @ 4.3 after going up to 4.75

SUPG -Went long ~2.90 range. March 11th 2011. After being down most of last week, SUPG has climbed ~5% each day for two consecutive days. At 2.76 now.

CLDX: Long calls @ down

URRE - (Went long Oct 2.50 options) @ stock 1.65. Options closed out @ double next day as stock went up 30%. Went long on URRE stock, at 2.15. Current price @ 2.2

DNN  Initiated @ 2.38- Closed out @ 2.80.
Based on momentum in again @ 2.82

CSCO May 20 calls. Call price is down

Takeover Speculation Buys:

MENT: Initiated @15.5 ; March 23 @ 14.98

LAVAInitiated@ 6.30. March 23 @ 6.14

AKAM In@35.20 current at 36.70

LVLT Long calls, up!

LLNW. Long calls down

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