June 17, 2009

Microcap Biotech Companies: Are they hiring?

Depending on what kind of hiring some biotech companies are into, we can glean some insight into their future operations. Based on this we can "guess" stock moves slightly better than throwing darts while blindfolded, right? Maybe. This is still a risky method, requires patience [1: see HEB] and you may hit a home run only occasionally [2: see NVAX]. We will cover these companies today:
First, let me point out that none of these are recommendations at this stage. I am holding HEB NVAX GNBT PPHM and KOOL, but I have also been trading in and out of these while holding a small core position. I do this because I have very low commissions with Zecco, and some free trades with Sogotrade (plug) and Scottrade. Anyhow moving to the topic at hand, let's first review ABIO:

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